Evolution of Advertisement: The Little Story

Today we are going to see about the Evolution of Advertisement.

Note: This blog is just a story, not like other informative content.

One of the easiest ways to promote your product in any kind of market is through advertisement.

In most scenarios, advertisements give the first impression to the customers about that product.

A large set of people even today ask this question often why we should advertise our product?

And some say why we should waste our money on Ads?

If you also have this question in your mind, it’s completely the wrong thought.

Having a product and a business around that product is just half done,

Promoting and Creating awareness about the product does the remaining half.

How I can promote my product? Simple Ads. Most marketers know that Ads are one of the smoothest ways to promote a Product.

We have talked a lot about Advertisement and why we should advertise?

Now we will see about the evolution of advertisement.

The Advertisement and its techniques start to grow along with the business growth. 

Meanwhile, the platforms and tools which are used to promote the Ads start to evolve.

During the old days, if a person wants to promote his business, he placed his Product banner in the Centre of the city or town.

By seeing the Product banner, the People may be visiting his shop if they need that product.

For placing the Product banner, he has to pay the commission to the King or head of the city.

This is how the advertising started.

Now we will see the evolution of advertisements in the 21st century.

Newspaper is a kind of the first platform where people start to advertise.

We need to pay the Newspaper agency for Ads. Based on the payments, the ads are displayed.

Advertisement in Magazine was the fashion in the 21st century. Businesses started to post their product in-between the magazines.

Printing flair and giving it to the people directly are also forms of advertisements.

After this, the Advertisement evolved to its next level, Radio and Television Ads.

A lot of people start to use Radio, so many businesses started to advertise on Radio by approaching the Radio stations.

In-between the Radio programs, the Ad of the specific product was shown in an Audio format.

And some businesses sponsored Radio Programs.

This same adverting formula was used on Television. But in a Visual format.

Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, and Television were considered the Traditional platforms of Advertising.

Even today giving Ads in Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, and Television exist.

But this does not suit every business because only a big brand with a high-end product can run ads on Traditional Mediums.

A small business with a small-end product cannot afford these kinds of advertising platforms.

But, the Conversion rate (Buyer rate) is very low in the Traditional platform due to untargeting.

I will tell you an example,

Think that a Jewellery shop is running advertising on Television.

You can sense that the target audience for a Jewellery Product is Women.

But, here the Ad is seen by everyone on T.V who is not the right audience to buy Jewelry products.

So this is the major downfall of Traditional Mediums.

After the Internet Penetrate Companies like Google and Facebook starts to evolve with the Internet.

In this Modern world, the internet has become one of the Unavoidable things in our day-to-day life.

So the business starts to prefer Digital Marketing to Traditional Marketing

The Biggest Juggernaut in the Online Ad industry is Google Ads.

Google is one of the most used Search engines on the Web.

A lot of Businesses are Advertising on Google Ads.

The Next Big fish in the Online Ad Platform is Facebook Ads.

The Secret of the Facebook Ads Success is targeting the right audience.

As we saw earlier the biggest failure of traditional Ad platforms is due to un-targeting.

To know more About Google Ads and Facebook Ads(Click here).

Next to that, we have LinkedIn Ads; this is mainly used for B2B sales. 

LinkedIn ads are one of the growing advertising platforms.

Other than that we have Twitter. Twitter is similar to Facebook, but the viability is not up to the level of Facebook Ads.

Every business can use Ad platforms to grow their business.

I have not included other methods and mediums (Will see in the future)

The Evolution of Advertisement does not stop here. The Evolutionary Journey continues till the Human race.

About the author: AVINASH P

Avinash is a Professional Digital Marketer from India. In the field of Digital Marketing, he is an Author and Trainer. He runs an agency called BrightWolf Media. He answers about Online Marketing @avinashanswers.com

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