Is SEO a good career choice? The Truth Revealed

Is SEO a good career choice?

Would you like to choose SEO as a career? Then understand that SEO is the grandfather of all digital marketing skills. 

Search engine optimization (Seo) is in the market for more than 20+ years (almost two decades). But it turned into a real profession in the last few years only.

You probably have some questions in your mind,

1. Is SEO a good career choice?

2. Is SEO still alive?

3. Scope and Opportunities in SEO.

4. How to start a career in SEO?

Let’s find the answers in this article.

What is Search Engine Optimization? 

The Process of ranking a website high on the search engine is known as SEO.

See these Screenshot for a better understanding.

Google Ranking - (Screenshot 1)
Google Ranking - (Screenshot 2)

To rank high on the search engines as in the screenshots we need to do certain optimization.

Statistics tell us. 

1. About 68% of people started their online journey in the Search engine.

2. Google Search, Google Images, and Google Maps give global traffic of about 92.96%.

3. Traffic driven by SEO >Traffic driven by Social media. 

4. Organic search traffic of all websites is about 53.3%. 

5. Quality leads are given by Seo.

(Go to the source:

Note: Traffic is the number of people who visit a website.

Why should you choose SEO as your career?

Why should you choose SEO as your career- Infographics

1. Demand for SEO Marketing is Huge:

Demand for SEO Marketing is Huge

There are more than 1 + billion websites in the world. Everyone wants the top position in Google.

When you rank on the first page of Google the chances of getting more visitors is high.

More visitors leads to more sales.

So nobody likes to ignore Seo marketing.

2. SEO Jobs is super effective:

SEO Jobs is super effective

Once you have good Seo knowledge you can join as a Seo executive in a Digital marketing agency.

Seen you need not be an expert. Just a basic knowledge is more than enough for an entry-level job.

This helps you to acquire experience and working for an organization is the best way to learn.

You will earn a decent salary for doing the job.

Salary depends upon a lot of criteria like your skill set, communication skills, your City, your Company, and more.

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3. Work remotely as a Freelancer:

Work remotely as a Freelancer

Once you have upskilled your knowledge by working as an employee. It’s time to start your freelancing journey.

Freelancing is always impressive. Even though there are more than 15 million freelancers in India still the demand for them is so high in the market

They also have high demand in foreign countries like the U.S, UK, and Australia.

Even agencies are looking for freelancers who can handle their projects.

Lots of Seo freelancing projects are available on sites like Upwork, and You can also find some freelancing projects in the Google search.

To get freelancing projects first you should market yourself.

4. Generate income as a Trainer:

Generate income as a Trainer

Earn some money by using your skills as a Seo trainer. Besides money, you can share your knowledge.

People are looking for good and clean knowledge.

To provide training first, you need to structure your skill as a product (Course). Second, find the right customers to market your product.

You can also provide One on One (1:1) training.

There is a lot of Seo training available in the market, but most trainers are money-minded and not providing value for the money.

If you can provide more value than others. You can succeed in the market over a period of time.

Note: Good trainers or bad trainers are not measured by the experience.

5. Build your SEO agency:

Build your SEO agency

Once you have self-confidence you can start an agency on your own.

To start an agency you need to have good financial skills. Money is not important handling money is more important. 

Your skill is the biggest investment.

Create a good team that can solve your client’s problems. The team should have all experts like Seo executives, Content writers, Web developers, and designers.  

How to get clients?

You need to find at least one or two clients before forming the team.

The first client for most agencies came through their referral part. So try to expand yourself during the starting stage of your career.

Use different social media like LinkedIn to find good clients.

Then finally try to compete with the competitors in Google.

Note: Don’t try to depend on one or two Clients try to get more clients as much as possible.

Is SEO a good career choice?

Is SEO a good career choice?

Yes Obviously, SEO is a good career choice. If you are interested in subjects like Marketing, Sales, and the internet then Seo is made for you.

In case if not, then don’t choose Seo as your career. This will be a wrong statement when you are open to learning new skills.

Seo and Google are not the same as 20 years before. Google keeps on changing its algorithms (Terms and Conditions) frequently.

Always stay updated to sustain in the Industry.

Try to learn new things regularly and make it a habit.

Frequently asked questions – SEO career

1. Is SEO dead?

Seo is not dead. It’s more powerful than it used to be. The old techniques may disappear, but not Seo.

2. Is SEO easy to learn?

If you are interested, Seo is easy to learn. It simple even kids can do some Seo works

(Note: Some works can be done)

3. How can I learn SEO?

1.You can learn Seo for free through blog posts and YouTube videos.

2.Sign up for some good Premium Seo courses.

3.An internship is also a good choice.

4.How to get a job in SEO?

The Common way to get a Job in Seo is to join as an intern in an organization and getting an offer letter in the same organization.

But the best way is to find a good organization and show you’re Skills.

1.Learn SEO skills.

2.Then built a website in any of the (niche) topic you like (Ex: Food or Travel)

3.Try to rank on Google for some keywords.

4.While attending the interview show your site as your project.

5.If can do Seo practically they will hire you.

5.What skills are required for SEO?

1. Be strong on an SEO basis. 

2. On-Page Factors.

3. Off-Page Factors.

4. Technical Seo.

5.  Link Building.

6. White hat, Grey hat, and Black hat Seo.


SEO is one of the skills that never get bored. It’s always fun to learn Seo. 

I expect you got an idea of whether to choose Seo as a career or not.

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