Top 15 Search Engine Submission Sites

Top 15 Search engine submission sites
Top 15 Search engine submission sites

What is the process of submitting the site to the search engines? What are the Search engine submission top sites?

To get a brief answer read the article till the end.

Note: This article is written for Fresher, who is new to Digital Marketing, SEO, or Link Building.

Search engine submission is submitting your site or site URL on different search engines. 

Before understanding search engine submission. Let us understand the difference between SEO and SEM.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) vs Search Engine Submission(SES):

Both the term Search engine optimization and  Search engine submission is always a confusing term for a Newbie.

SEO (Search engine submission) is a process of getting a website ranked on Search engines. While SES (Search engine Submission) is Submitting a website on Search engines.

SES is a kind of registering the website on the Search engines.

Registering or Submitting the website will not rank your site on Search engines. It needs to be optimized properly to rank top on the Search engines.

However, submitting the link helps to rank.

On the other hand, Search engine Marketing (SEM) is completely a different term. It is Promoting a product or service through Paid Marketing. 

The Truth About Search Engine Submission:

A decade before, for ranking a website on search engines people used to submit Countless links per day on different search engines and websites. 

But today, submitting countless links is no longer in Progress.

Link quality is important than Link quantity. So you should always prefer quality over quantity.

Since Maximum website’s on the internet are doing search engine submission, the link which you have obtained from these search engine submissions (SES) is not a quality one.

Nevertheless, Search engine submission has its advantages such as,

1.Generate Traffic.

2.Create Brand Awareness. 

3.Gives a better ROI.

4.Cost-effective techniques.

5.Your competitor is doing.

Different kinds of Search engine submission:

These are not the different types. These are different kinds of Search engine Submissions.

1.Free Search engine Submission:

These are free Submissions. The link obtained is not a guaranteed link.

Sometimes these submission sites take a long time to fetch the link on their database.

2.Paid Search engine Submission:

These are paid Submissions. Since it is a paid one, you will get a guaranteed link, and it will fetch the link quicks. 

However, Paid search engine submission is not recommended.

3.Manual Search engine Submission:

The submission is done manually. It takes a little time to do. 

4.Automatic Search engine Submission:

There are various tools and sites, Where you can do the automatic Submission. 

It doesn’t take much time. But this is not recommended, and it is considered a spam submission.

Top 15 Search Engine Submission Sites:

These 15 are the top Search Engine Submission Sites. If you like to start doing Search engine Submission, I recommend you to start with these sites first. 

You can search on the internet for other Search Engine Submission Websites.


Viesearch is one of the recommended Search engine Submission websites. It is easy to use. 

It fetches the website or the Webpage URL faster when compared to other sites.

To Submit your site on Viesearch,

1.First, you need to open an account.

2.Then click submit option, you will land on “submit a new website for inclusion”

3.Then, fill in the asked details such as Name, Email ID, Title, Website URL, Description.

4.Choose your Industry category and submit.

There are Paid Listings too, But I prefer Free Listing (Text only listing)


One of the top-ranked Websites for Submission is Extraseek. 

It is also a Local USA listing website.

To do Submission

1.Click to Add URL.

2.Just fill in the Page URL and Email ID.

3.Click submit Button. 

4.In your Email, you shall get a verification email. 

5.Click Verify to Confirm your Submission.


Swoggle is one of the top-notch sites for Search engine submission. 

You cannot add the same URL multiple times in the Swoggle. 

Sometimes it shows some error, which is a downside of Swoggle.

To do SES in Swoggle.

1.First, Go to the site.

2.Fill in all the necessary details like Name, Email ID, Title, Website URL, Description.

3.Verify and Submit.


Entireweb is the coolest Search engine Submission website of all. 

Apart from Submission, you can do other activities. To do free Submission,

1.Go to the Free submission page from the Home page.

2.Now, you can add your URL in “Site to submit Box” 

3.Add the Email and Click Proceed.

Your URL is Submitted to the Entireweb.


SubmissionMonster is one of my favorite submission websites. 

The interface of the site is easier. To do free submission in the SubmissionMonster.

1.First, you create a New Account.

2.Once you have created, Click the Free submission tab.

3.Now, you can add the URL and click Submit.

While submitting you will find an “option to include the sitemap”. You can do that, but it’s just optional.


Infotiger is a recommended site for Submitting the link. You can submit your URL in a couple of Minutes. 

1.Click the “Add URL” tab in the Home.

2.Add the URL without the HTTPS version.

3.Then add your Email ID and submit the URL.


ActiveSearchresults is an amazing site for doing Search engine submission. You can submit them in two ways.

First, you can directly visit the “Add the website” tab. Then give your Website URL and Email ID to submit your site.

Another way is to register a page in ActiveSearchresults and submitting the link.

By doing the registration, you can check whether the web page is added properly or not.

8.Free Web Submission:

Free Web Submission is a nice SES site to do Free Submission. To register your URL on this site.

1. You need to get through the “Click here to SUBMIT YOUR SITE”

2.Now below the Free Submission, Add the given details like Website URL, Name, and Email ID.

3.Just agree to the terms and submit the site.


One of the preferred sites for doing site submission is SOmuch.

You can only submit the website, not the webpage. To submit the website.

1.Click “Submit a Link”

2.First Press continue for Submission guidelines.

3.Now add the website link.

4.Then add the necessary details such as Site Title, Email ID, and Description.

5.Choose the Right Topic and Category.

6.Press Submit the Link for submission. 

You need to Email Verification for Proper submission.


Another best Search engine submission site. 

Exalead adds the site automatically to their database from the internet. But it preferred to add the site manually.

You can add the Website URL, and Email ID to submit the site.


Gigablast is the easiest website to do SES Registration.

Click the “Add the URL” tab. Simply add your URL to do registration in Gigablast.

12.Add me:

One of the amazing websites for submission. Visit the site and add the Link, Email, and Name. Then click submit.


You can do Free submission in Madsumitter. Other than free Submission you can also do Premium Submission and directory listing. To submit the link.

1.Click “Free website submission”

2.And then click “Submit Website”

3.Now add the URL and Email ID and click Submit site. 

14.A1 Web Dictionary:

A1 Web Dictionary is another stunning website to submit web pages. Its interface is different from other Search Engine Submission Sites.

To do submitting in A1 web dictionary,

1.Before submitting choose the category of your site. 

2.Add Website Title, Website URL, Website Description.

3.Then add other pieces of information such as Submitter Name and Email ID.

4.Enter the right code and press continue for submission.

15.Free Web dictionary:

The last website on our list is Free Web Directory. It has both Paid and free Submission options.

1.Click the “Submit Link” tab on the Home page.

2.Just mark the Pricing option as “Regular link” (It will take 3- 4 months to fetch the link)

3.Fill in all the details asked on the page and choose the right category.

4.Agree on the Submission rules and Continue for submission.


This Search engine submission is one of an old-school method of building Links.

I have already mentioned the truth about Search engine submission in the above lines.

I don’t want you to miss this topic, that’s why I am sharing this article.

Read also about the Top 15 Best Social Bookmarking sites.

Comment if you have any questions or doubts.

About the author: AVINASH P

Avinash is a Professional Digital Marketer from India. In the field of Digital Marketing, he is an Author and Trainer. He runs an agency called BrightWolf Media. He answers about Online Marketing

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