How to get a Job in SEO? The Dream Job

How to get a Job in SEO? The Dream Job

SEO is a Pokemon that evolves the algorithm continuously. We all know that Seo is a great career, but getting a job in the evolving Seo industry is quite difficult.

I wrote this article because I have faced N number of interviews in the past and there are times I used to attend 2 to 3 interviews on the same day and end up not getting a single job.

You shall also be facing the same situation right now or maybe in the future.

So In this article, we will find the solution to get our dream Seo Job.

1. How to choose the right agency for the Job?

2. How to create the experience as a fresher?

3. How to get a Job in SEO?

4. Things you need to recall before SEO Interview.

Keep reading to know more.

How to choose the right Agency (Company) for the Job?

How to choose the right Agency (Company) for the Job?

Before applying for any SEO Job, it’s necessary to do market research about the agency.

It’s important to choose the right agency because it determines your Career in most cases.

Now I have a question: what will you choose: the large Corporate Organization or a Small agency?

Most of you say large corporate organization (MNC)

The disadvantage of choosing MNC is lots of your time, energy, and effort will be running out just to pleasure Clients.

Here your most important work is to prepare reports and documents to show clients.

You don’t have the time to grasp new skills. You will be mixing the same thing again and again.

On the other hand, the small agency doesn’t have much work, and you have lots of time to learn.

The salary will be less when compared to MNC. But I suggest you work to learn rather than working for money as a fresher.

(Note: But also remember don’t sell yourself for low wages.)

Sometimes many agencies shall be doing SEO as an extra service, and don’t stuck yourself as a lone SEO warrior in these agencies.

Select the agencies which do SEO and Digital Marketing as their Mainstream of service.

How to create the Seo experience as a fresher?

How to create the Seo experience as a fresher? - Infographics

The No 1 trending question in the SEO Interviews is “What is Your Experience?”

As a Fresher, you don’t have Experience. So create your own experience before you apply for a Job role next time.

You don’t need to work for years to develop experience. You can create it easily if you follow these 5 Steps.

1. Learn Basic SEO:

Learn Basic SEO

Basics are the basis of your career. To kick off any career, you need to have good basic Knowledge.

In SEO, learn basics such as Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, On-Page SEO, OFF-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and Link building.

Learn the basic things daily and be strong in important SEO terms and Google Updates.

Try to understand the important tools such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Semrush, Search Console, and more. 

2. Get Certificate:

Get Certificate

Before attending any SEO interview make sure, you have some Digital Marketing certificates in your hands.

As a newbie, most Individuals will not be certified. Even the person who interviews you shall not have that.

There are lots of certified programs offered by the top industries in the market.

So don’t hesitate to attend these programs and grab the certificates.

Note: Attend some Paid Certified exams because most people ignore these kinds of exams.

3. Construct your own Blog/Website:

Construct your own Blog/Website

When I say build your blog most people say that there are already lots of blogs out on the Web, then why should I build another one?

I suggest you build a blog around any niche so that you can experiment with your Seo and other digital marketing skills practically. 

And try to rank on the Search engine for some keywords by writing some good quality Content.

So you can showcase your blog to the interviewer as a Case study.

Grab here << Ahrefs Academy is providing a free Blogging course)

4. Work for Learn:

Work for Learn

Get to the nearby Digital marketing agency ask them that, You can do some free SEO work for them.

If you get some work use that and try to understand the corporate environment and SEO process In-depth.

Sometimes companies provide Internships. You can use that to learn SEO more and be ready to “Say No”  if the Internship period is more than 3 months.

Avoid Internships that ask you to sign a contract.

Note: If the company offers a Job after the Internship, never accept because the chance of giving a low salary is high.

5. Provide SEO Service for Service:

Provide SEO Service for Service

Be ready to offer your SEO or Digital Marketing services for the Local shops in your area.

In return, you can ask for some rewards in the form of service from them.

For example, provide service to Gym owner, in return ask for a free Gym Membership.

If any of your family members are doing business, you can approach them too.

They will “Say yes” if you ask for service as a reward.

By doing this, you understand Client Handling and Project Management.

Make sure you collect Testimonials from them about your work.

How to get a Job in SEO?

Now you must have got an idea about creating an experience as a fresher.

Once you have gone through this process, it’s time to know the tips to land in the Seo Job.

Before that, you need to understand the different kinds of Interviewers.

Some Legit Interviewers know the qualifications of the candidates and understand them.

Few interviewers ask about advanced Seo techniques and While some ask Unrealistic questions.

Always be ready to face any kinds of Interviewers.

How to get a Job in SEO? -Infographics

1. Describe Your SEO Experience:

Describe Your SEO Experience

Before entering into the Interview, you must describe your experience in the form of a Resume.

A great resume creates the first impression of you.

Showcase Your Website, Certificate, Projects, Client Results, and Testimonials in a Proper Manner.

Use Canva to find good resume templates.

2. Illustrate the SEO tools you know:

Illustrate the SEO tools you know

An important position in SEO is Tools. You will get Questions about  SEO tools.  

If you are going to Illustrate all the tools you know, the whole interview is not Inhaf.

Mention only the important tools and convey how these tools brought you results.

By chance, if the Interviewer asks for a tool that you have never heard before. 

Just say that you have not used that tool.

3. Ready to face Non-SEO Questions:

Ready to face Non-SEO Questions

Companies expect their employees to have some extra Knowledge (T- shaped Knowledge).

They want experts with an extra skillset. So have a little information about other Digital marketing skills.

By the end of the day, that little extra skill helps you to get your dream job.

4. Share your Link-Building Technique:

Share your Link-Building Technique

The Primary work given for most Seo beginners is Link- Building activity (Off-Page activity).

Have a good Link-Building technique and explain nicely with all necessary information.

Tell them how this technique affected your Search results.

To construct a Link-Building technique, you need to learn about different kinds of Backlinks (Link-Building) such as Organic links, Non–editorial links, and Outreach links.

1. Organic links – Links provided by third-party sites organically.

2. Non- editorial Links – Links such as Blog commenting and Profile linking.

3. Outreach links – It’s by itself of different types, which is preferred by most SEO agencies.

5. Demonstrate Your Unique SEO blueprint:

Demonstrate Your Unique SEO blueprint

There are some hard times where the Interviewer asks some advanced questions. “What is your Seo blueprint?”

Make sure you have a unique blueprint and describe it step by step.

1. How this blueprint impacted your previous client results?

2. How will I implement this blueprint successfully?

3. If it fails what will I do?

Suppose if you can do this properly the Interviewer will hire you.

6. Be Patient it’s just a Job:

Be Patient it’s just a Job

Always be patient, it’s Just a Job. Don’t get emotional if you got rejected.

In Interviews, people make fun of your Communication and make jokes around you and laugh.

Take it easy. Just try again and again. You will find your dream job.

Things you need to recall before SEO Interview:

1. Be Cool while HR calls you regarding the position. He is just an HR, not the CEO.

2. During Telephonic Interview with HR,  Mention more Seo terms and techniques. (Most HR are not technically strong)

3. Leverage your Social media before attending the Interview, primarily LinkedIn.

4. Make sure you know about important Google updates such as Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, and more.

5. Talk to an I-pad or Tablet with you while entering the Interview hall. (Website results and Analytics dashboard can be shown)

6. Don’t wear Headphones while waiting for the Interview.

7. This sounds silly, don’t sit and eat there.

8. Tell them how you will be a better candidate for the position.

9. Don’t talk about money before getting hired.

10. Whatever happens, come out with a Smile.


If you are reading till this line, you have already crossed halfway.

95% of people who read this article don’t implement the steps.

I don’t want you to be in that category. Implement the steps and get your dream SEO job.

Share your Doubts and Feedback in the comment section.

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About the author: AVINASH P

Avinash is a Professional Digital Marketer from India. In the field of Digital Marketing, he is an Author and Trainer. He runs an agency called BrightWolf Media. He answers about Online Marketing

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