Digital Marketing Day & Top 12 important Digital Marketing Facts in 2022

Digital Marketing Day & Top 12 important Digital Marketing Facts in 2022

Happy Digital Marketing Day! 16th December.

Today, Internet has been an X factor. Due to that, Digital Marketing has an exponent value in India as well as globally.

About 60% of brands are using Digital Marketing to Promote their Product & Services. 

The Digital Marketing industry value has increased about 30% to 40% for the past 4 to 5 years. Growth at Marketing services, Digital Products & Digital Training Programs.

The number of Digital Marketing agencies, Digital Shops & Coaches are increasing day by Day.

16th December, we Digital Marketers celebrate “The Digital Marketing Day” for our Marketing Altitude.

On this special day, we need to make some Marketing Plans for the Upcoming Year.

So try to come up with a new Marketing idea for the growth of the Digital Marketing Industry.

I am writing this article to have a Health Conversation with you all on this Good day.

And I am also sharing the Top 12 important Digital Marketing Facts in 2022.

Top 12 important Digital Marketing Facts in 2022:

1. The major Ranking factor for Google in 2022 will be Core Web Vitals. I have already started in 2021. From here on, the User experience will be the most important one.

2. Voice search adaptation will be growing in 2022. The marketer should consider ALEXA, SIRI & Google Assistant.

3. Video Marketing will be in More trend in 2022 compared to Infographics & Text Content.

4. Long-form content will exist in 2022 also.

5. In 2022, SEO shall be the major factor in driving traffic to the websites.

6. Organic Social Media reach will be lesser. Companies need to spend separately on Ads to get the attention of the Social Audience.

7. Companies will be spending more on advertising in 2022 compared to 2021.

8. Weekend Social Media Content gets 30% more engagement than Weekdays Social Media Content.

9. Digital Customers Prefer Customer services on Social Media Live chat compared to Emails Conversation.

10. But 70 % of customers prefer email communication to other Text Media.

11. Social media e-Commerce will be a big thing. Most shopping decisions will be made on social channels like Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram.

12. E-commerce transactions shall consist of “one-click checkouts” to increase the Transaction Rate.

Sources will be uploaded Shortly.

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About the author: AVINASH P

Avinash is a Professional Digital Marketer from India. In the field of Digital Marketing, he is an Author and Trainer. He runs an agency called BrightWolf Media. He answers about Online Marketing

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