About Me

I am not a Circus Lion.

Hi, I am Avinash P. Welcome to my Website avinashanswers.com. 

I am Professional Digital Marketer, and I help small businesses/Startups and Fitness Center to achieve their Online Business Goals.

And I am in a pursuit to help students to enhance their Marketing skillset.

On this website, you will get answers to your Digital Marketing questions.

You can also check out my book, which I have Published.  

My Long story:

I always believe this Arnold Quote- Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength”

In childhood, You might see a different Fat crybaby Avinash who cries even for small things.

I Joined College in Coimbatore on the year 2015. Since there were already a lot of engineers in the Nation. I decided to choose Bachelors of Botany (BSc Botany)  

Our Family Startups:

By the year 2016, My family was doing different small businesses.

In the 2nd year of my Undergraduate study, I was given the responsibility to administrate our Family Restaurant.

I thought it was my turn, so I put my 100 percent and worked like hell.

Even though I took care of the Resuratent Properly, due to Financial Problems we faced a huge loss.

My Digital Marketing Seed:

After the business loss, I don’t know what to do? So I did MSc in Botany. 

By the year 2018, I realized the importance of Marketing for a business, and my journey towards Digital marketing started from that moment.

I started to learn concepts of Digital Marketing.

Yet my core subject is botany. I took an internship in Digital Marketing. 

In 2019, I started a blog called greenindiamvmt.in to create awareness about trees and. But it also turned into a Failure.

In 2020, I started this website avinashanswers.com.which is running quite successfully.

Before completing my PG degree, I started working in a Digital Marketing agency as a Digital Marketing executive in the Morning. Meanwhile, in the evening, I Joined as a Content Writer cum Trainer in a training institute.

My Executive post in the Digital Marketing agency didn’t go well. Therefore I resigned from the Job.

The Time I Realized the Real Digital Marketing:

Though, I had a job in the training institute as a Trainer. I was looking for another Digital Marketing role.

I attended N number of Interviews. Some Selected and Many rejected.

Many Interviewers thought this guy, won’t stay in the organization in the long run.

In one interview, I was interviewed by the CEO of that organization. After the interview, she told me this sentence.

Avinash Job is not your piece of cake. You are a real marketer.

Few months passed, and I decide not to attend any more Job interviews. (I don’t want to be a Circus Lion anymore) Hence I started my Digital marketing services for Small businesses, Startups, and fitness Center.

I already have experience in running small businesses. So I know the issues that are faced by Small businesses and Startups.

That’s why I am offering services only to them.

Different Kinds of Online Services I offer:

1.SEO services:

2.Local SEO.

3. Small scale E-Commerce SEO.

4. YouTube SEO/ YouTube Marketing

5.Content Marketing.

6. Social Media Marketing.

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My Online service story:

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